Bug Out Bag – What you need to save your life.

The process of building your Bug out bag does not need to be hard.

Although it can be a challenge to build a bug out bag. It is a great place to start getting your head in the game. If it is your first time take it slow and don’t get too stressed.

There is no exact kit list

To start you should be writing a list. It doesn’t mean everything will make it in, you just want a good road map on where to start.


Choose your Bug Out Bag

After you have a list of items, you will want to chose a bag. This is in my opinion the most important thing. You can have the best kit list in the world but if you can carry it for more than 200 meters (or yards) than it is useless.  You want something with lots of room, compartments and webbing to attach any extra kit to it. Also it need good support and pads in the straps. In addition don’t cheap out. if you can buy one of two nice bags and one is $20 and the other is $250, there is a reason for that. you get what you pay for.


Kit List

Although I won’t go into too much detail on this post because i plan on making another soon, but some essentials to think about are;

  • Water and filtration
  • Food and essential tools to cook / prep
  • Clothing
  • Heating
  • Lighting
  • Self Defence
  • Navigation
  • Communication/signaling
  • Tools
  • Abolution
  • First aid
  • Shelter and comfort
  • And Misc. items.

Keep it accessible

Make sure to store your bag somewhere you can get to it in a hurry. And make sure you inspect it often (replace anything that is in bad repair).

How to pack

Packing your bug out bag correctly is more of a quality of life issue but if you need to get up and go fast you want to have a plan on how to pack.

You will want most used items at the top and easy to get to. Anything you don’t use during the day or as much can be at the bottom/back.

It might seem obvious but one tip I will give you is don’t think because you don’t use your first aid kit much it should be buried. That is key to have accessible.


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