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Information, it might save you one day.

I made this site to help you, Not only in prepping but on you trips outdoors or living off the grid. With the desire to spread the knowledge to as many as possible. So you are in the best position if SHTF. I am in the military, I  have a good ammount of survival training. Also I spend allot of time outdoors with my family and friends.  Therefor I feel I’m in a good spot to pass along this information.

What is Prepping?

For the context we are talking about we will be preparing for extended periods without the basic amenities we are so accustomed to. Be it shelter, food, water, family friends, money, and power.

According to FEMA %60 of americans are not prepping for disaster.

As a result over half of people will be ill prepared if something goes seriously wrong. That means you can not depend on your neighbours to help you.

Open to discussion

All the content I bring you is there to be discussed, picked apart, and critiqued. In addition Prepping is something that can always be improved upon. I don’t claim to be the end all in, and i’m not always right. Also I implemented a page anyone can submit an article and i will post it with credit to you after i moderate it for spam.


I will be posting any deals on kit and gear i can find so feel free to let me know if you find some. I will also make suggestions on kit i use and enjoy.

To finish it off

I’m excited to do thais and i hope you enjoy it. I have a passion for the outdoors and I hope to help someone find theres. So in conclusion I wish you all the best and hope i can help you out even a bit on your journey.

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