The Top 10 Best Survival Foods to Stockpile

How do you determine good survival foods?

There is an untold amount of natural disasters that could leave you without food. A huracanes destroying your coastal region. Or a super Volcano reducing the local market to nothing.

We could see terrorist attacks with WMD or the long talked about EMP that wipes out the grid all together. Leaving you with no power, not coms and no money.

Be it climate change, man made or other, it is clear that we have no shortage of reasons one might want to have a stash of survival foods and supplies.

Non-perishable Survival Foods are key

You will want foods that have the nutrients you need to survive. High caloric and vitamin rich foods.

Altho it is good to have in your Bug out Bag we will look at a household application.


The Top 10 Survival Foods

1. Canned Salmon (Wild)

It will come with the least amount of environmental contaminants. And is rich in protein and good fats. Also it will also keep for years as long as the cans are not damaged. You can eat it without cooking and one can can feed 2 – 3 people if needed. Just don’t plan to keep it too long after opening, as it spoils quickly.


2. Rice

High in calories and protein, as well as essential vitamins and minerals like iron. And with rice lasting at least 4-5 years, or even longer if vacuum sealed. The hard part would be making sure to keep it in a cool dry place. It will spoil rapidly if moisture gets in. Still one of the key Survival Foods to have on hand. If i had to put a negative point on rice it would be prep time. some rice will take upwards of 30 minutes to cook. and time is not always on your side.


3. Dried Beans

Things like Kidney beans, black beans, lima beans and the sort. You can get them cheap, they come in bulk and like rice have incredible shelf life. (when stored properly) They contain a fair amount of protein per serving, and also several essential vitamins and minerals. Although they do have some work needed to prep them, I would not overlook them.


4. Bulk Nuts

Like many of these survival foods, they are good to have and store for long periods. The benefit of nuts being that serving size is actually quite small to get the required essential vitamins and minerals and essential fatty acids.

Just look for low or unsalted versions of Almonds, Walnuts, Sunflower Seeds, and many more. You don’t want to increase your salt intake and use valuable water resources. Make sure to store in cool dry and airtight places for max shelf life.


5. Peanut Butter

Did you know you can survive on a tablespoon of  Peanut Butter a day? You might not be happy doing it but you can. It is loaded with protein and vitamins and minerals. You can store a jar for around a year as well.


6. Trail Mix

This sort of falls into the nuts and grains. But you can tailor it to your taste and needs. Dried fruits and cereals can be added to balance nutritional needs. You can make it very cost effective as well buying the different items in bulk and mixing it on your own. Just pay attention to storage.

7. Energy Bars

Although these are kind of obvious, to me cost makes them a bit of a long shot. There is ample brands on the market and you can find any flavor. They are specifically formulated to pack max calories and nutrition into each bar so if you do your research you can get great food supplies. Just keep an eye on expiration times and storage needs.


8. Dried Meat or Jerky

Used for hundreds of years this one of those almost mandatory survival foods. I don’t feel i have to go into too much detail about why. You can make it yourself or order bulk amounts and have it shipped.


9. Coffee 

This one is more of a quality of life perk. It also stores for a long time if kept right, and instant coffee can be kept for almost indefinitely. We all know someone that would be happy to see this in a food shortage situation. If not it would make good commodity for trading. Much like spice from the days of old.


10. Salt

It is one of the most useful survival food items. you can use it for storing food, curing beef, and flavoring most meals. Salt will stay forever, so always buy extra when you’re shopping.


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