Why I Disagree With the Bug Out Mentality.

I Disagree With the current Bug Out Mentality I see all over the place

As I said in this post I’m not really keen on the current Bug Out mentality.

It has become somewhat of a buzzword. And in reality, from a survival point of view it is not your best option in a lot of cases. Nature is dangerous and can be scary. To remove yourself from society or the ability to get help can be worse than what you are running from. On top of that you can prep and read all you want. Without proper training and skills nature will kill you, Fast. Between the heat, cold, wildlife, and your own poor decisions the odds are stacked against you.


Bug out sells

The idea of Bugging out sells. It catches your attention and as a flinch reaction sounds like a good idea. It has become somewhat of a buzzword among the prepping community.

I see gimmicks and trinkets that are all but useless. Sold as Mandatory items you need when you bug out.

Don’t get me wrong, I have a bug out bag. And i keep it ready. It is a good lifesaving piece of kit. It is just not your first or best option.


Not your best option

In most cases of natural or man made disaster it would not be wise to turn and run for the wilderness. You would be shooting yourself in the foot.

Your home should have everything you need to survive for a short to medium time. And if you live off the grid with a good farming setup you can potentially live indefinitely without cause for concern.

Short of threat of immediate death you should have no reason to leave. You do not want to move to where you can not be found when help is on the way.  In most cases there are plans in place to get aid where it is needed. Short of large scale disasters aid should be expected within a few days, and even then why remove yourself from your supplies and the area you know.





Depending on what makes you flee, to just bug out might put you and your family in more danger than you were in to start with.                              

Regardless of your situation you should not make the choice to face the wild lightly. There is a million and one ways it will kill you if you are unprepared.

Survivorman fan found dead in Muskoka wilderness

And HERE is a great article from survivopedia on how easy nature can kill you.

If you do not know exactly what you are getting into and how to handle the various situations nature will kill you. It is hard enough on your own but with your family to worry about and possibly small kids. Making any sort of ground will be slow and quality of life drops significantly when under that kind of stress.


Don’t not prep

I’ll finish by saying this. Always be prepared to move. Be ready and have a plan. Talk with your family about it and make sure they know what they will do if the time comes. Just make sure you do your research. Know what you might face and how to handle it. Prepare for the worst so no matter what happens you can tackle it.

Just for your family and your safety, don’t make the decisions to bug out without weighing the options and  knowing for damn sure it is the best one.


Credit to a redditor /u/PrepperMTL for the idea.

His blog Here 

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