When the Dust Settles – What To Do After the Emergency

What To Do After the Emergency

The one thing i don’t see very much is what to do after an emergency, with all the information out there on preparing for an emergency. I feel we should also talk about what to do after everyone is safe and the threat has passed. Regardless of the event that happened it should be a learning experience. Each and every time you go through an emergency situation, when it’s over, you should time to look back and assess to see what can be improved for next time.

After an event you should take the time and answer these questions.

  • What did I use that i need to replace
  • What could you have used to make life easier
  • What did I have that I really didn’t need
  • What did I do right
  • What did I do wrong


This is by no means an exhaustive list of things to consider but a good starting point.  You want to make sure that you can better yourself for the next time you are in this situation.


First thing

First thing you will want to do is take inventory. It is easy to forget to resupply the small things you use without thinking, especially when desperate or full of adrenalin.

So make a list of what you used and resupply those ASAP. It will be harder to remember the longer you wait.


What could you have used to make life easier

You can plan all you want, but there will always be something you don’t think of or overlook. Luckily hindsight is there to cover your ass.

Think back and try to remember anything you could have used to make your life easier at the time.  What would it be? Where would you keep it? Could you use it in any other situation?

This is an excellent to expand on your kit and cover some of the less obvious deficiencies.

Only think I can add to this would be keep it realistic. Try not to pull random stuff out of your ass. If you crowd your kit with nonsense you are not helping.

That brings me to the next point.


What did I have that I really didn’t need

This one is a little harder to answer as it is rather subjective. It is always good to trim the fat but don’t cut any of the meat or you are just hurting yourself. If space is an issue or you are just overloaded prioritize what you have. Only remove what is on the bottom of the list and do so only if you need to. No need to leave yourself stranded in an Emergency.

What did I do right/wrong

So these two are where you can critique yourself and how you handles the situation. Think about what you did that was good and helped thing for the better. I like to start by writing down everything I did that I don’t like, and how i could improve them. After that ask anyone else that was there with you what they think. Critique each other and provide feedback. Next I would write what I think went well, and why. Keep what you record. work on it and next time compare notes. Since you will have a baseline you can track what you are improving and what you need to work on.



You should always be looking to improve. No matter how good or repaired we think we are, there is always a way to improve.


As an addendum

I have been busy with work and real life so i have been slow on writing, I hope to pick it up a bit now. In the meantime follow me on Twitter Or Check out our Facebook Page I’m always up for discussion and any suggestions for topics or articles.

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